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1978 Articles


Many articles published in Madison’s Heritage in 1977 have to do with Madison County villages and hamlets including College Hill, Speedwell, Kirksville, and Milford. In “When was that Place Started?,” Dr. Grise details some of the early establishment of many of these now-forgotten communities. There are several articles about life in the 1920s and some on the 1930s. “Daily Register Began in 1917” details the history of the Richmond Register from its founding. “Cemetery Monument Portrays ‘Estill Defeat’” gives information on the influential Estill and Irvine pioneers. There are some interesting articles about mysteries in our county’s history including John Smith’s lost silver mines and the Squire Boone rock. “Roberts was First Funeral Director” details the important history of the Oldham, Roberts, and Powell Funeral Home. “Boone Tavern Opened in 1909” gives an account of one of Madison County’s most prominent tourist attractions and repositories of history.


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