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1995 Articles


1995 can be considered the yearbook edition of Madison’s Heritage. The authors cover information gathered from yearbooks from Madison Central, Kirksville High, Waco High, and Berea High from different years from the late 1930s through the 1950s. There are also articles that feature the communities of Speedwell and Union City. A couple of articles give insight into the construction of the Clays Ferry Bridge. “Telford Center's Roots Began in Late 1890s” and “Turley House Holds Years of Local History” provide information about two buildings that are very important to Richmond’s heritage. “Westinghouse was First Big-Name Factory” gives information on the important industry that came into the area around 1950. “Second St. 'Shoot-Out' Remembered at Death of Richmond Marshall” tells of the famous gunfight that took place in downtown Richmond.


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