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1996 Articles


There is a good series based on information from several issues of the Madison-Model High newspaper The Purple and White from the years 1937-39 featured in the 1996 collection of Madison’s Heritage. There is also a series based on Kingston High yearbooks from the 1950s and there are other articles on Kingston High sports. A series on the Berea public school system describes schools from 1855-1930. The village of Peytontown is described in “Peytontown has Rich History of Railroads, Blacksmiths” and the historic home named Blythewood is discussed in “Details of 1840s Home, Blythewood, Remembered From 1990 Auction.” Local character and beloved cook, Mammy Lou is profiled in “Clever Cook's Corn Breads Purchased Freedom for Herself and Her Family.”


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