Businesses Advertised in Old Church Bulletins

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Businesses Advertised in Old Church Bulletins


Way back in 1929 there were a number of merchants in Richmond whose names I recognize, some which I do not. This is not a comprehensive survey of Richmond but a listing of some 10 merchants who had advertisements on the back of a church bulletin (Immanuel Baptist in Richmond). To my knowledge no churches in Madison County take ads for their Sunday bulletins today. Maybe times were harder then and funds had to come from somewhere for printing costs. I rarely see funeral home fans in church pews any more, either. F.L. Gay Restaurant and Bakery advertised it served strictly home-cooked food and the best coffee in town at 128 E. Main St., phone 491. We not only sell the best tires, but give you real tire service, said the Tire Service Shop, Hugh C. Todd, manager, East Main Street, phone 537. Also, highest-quality vulcanizing was a specialty and service came with a smile. I knew Canfield's as the Oldsmobile dealer, but not as Canfield Taxi, phone 700, East Main Street. A city run was only 25 cents and they employed only drivers who were careful, courteous and dependable. Having seen the faded sign on the side of the building, I knew that J.S. Stanifer sold Hart, Schaffner and Marx clothes on the corner of Main and Second streets, but did not know they also carried Florsheim and Foot Saver shoes for men and ladies. From M.M. Hamilton at the corner of Second and Water streets, phones 377 and 372, you could obtain the best meats and groceries. And you could have your hair cut at the Sanitary Barber Shop, Main Street, opposite the courthouse, where H.B. Sallee, proprietor, and others provided good service for all. If you wanted furniture and antiques you could go to Muncy's on West Main Street. This store just went out of business earlier this year. Modern Dry Cleaners, East Main Street, phone 434, provided odorless dry cleaning. Meats and groceries could also be found at Gilbert Ringo's, located at 115 E. Main St., phones 234 and 294. And when your time came to die, there was Blakeman, Roberts and Oldham on West Main, phone 413. This predecessor of Oldham, Roberts and Powell also provided ambulance service, as did all Richmond funeral homes until the early 1960s. As stated before, these are only a few of the merchants of Richmond in 1929, but maybe the names bring back some pleasant memories.


Dr. Fred Engle




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