County Tournament Memories, Part II

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County Tournament Memories, Part II


This is a second column on sports history. In the first one, we discussed football bowls and basketball. In particular, we traced Madison High’s four trips to the state basketball tournament. Less well known are the trips to the state by Red House High and Waco High.

Red House High had only 30 students (boys and girls) in 1929 when the boy’s basketball team was undefeated in county play. In the district, they defeated Speedwell and Waco. In the regional, conducted at Eastern Normal School, they beat Lynch and Quicksand, before falling to Hazard 19-14 in the finals. Both of the regional finalists went on to the state in those days, so Red House went on to Lexington. Corydon beat them 25-16. Corinth won the championship that year. The starting five were Robert Moberly, Russell House, Al Curtis Parke, Earl Tracy and Martin Richards. The two substitutes were John Frank Stewart and Virgil Weddle. A.T. Ross, the school’s principal, was the coach.

In 1932, Waco High School won 32 games and lost one (to Annville). In the district, they defeated White Hall, Madison and Speedwell. Waco had to beat Speedwell again in the first game of the regional. They went on to the state with victories over Graves and Mt. Vernon. After beating Lowes by 44-4, Waco was eliminated by losing to Newport 34-32. Hazard won the title that year.

Waco’s first five were Paul Paine, Harold Click, Billy Chamberlain, Ray Hill and Neal Hill. Substitutes were M.J. Cuzick, Perry Emmett Cain, Valentine Cain Jr., Homer Paine and Andrew Rucker. The coach was Al Smith.

Back in the 1920-1930 era, the White Hall girl’s basketball team went to the state. I wrote this group up once, but have mislaid the article. Bob Grise and I have written these “Madison’s Heritage” columns for 40 years, this spring, hence my lack of organized archives. If anyone has information on the girl’s White Hall team, send it to me and we will try to get out the word. State tournament teams are rare.


Dr. Fred Engle




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