Eastern's Best-Known Faculty

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Eastern's Best-Known Faculty


Who do you think of when you remember your days at Eastern?

Today, I will list my version of Eastern’s best known faculty — that is the ones I think of when I think of Eastern.

For me it is the faculty of 1957. I was not a student that year, rather I was teaching at William and Mary in Virginia, but many of these names may be familiar today.

They may be familiar to some of you today only as the names on EKU buildings or rooms.

Agriculture — William A. Stocker, Jackson A. Taylor. Art — Frederic P. Giles, Dean Gatwood, Duna Verich, Willard McCone. Biology- H. H LaFuze, A.L. Whitt, Harold Zimmack, Robert Larance. Chemistry — Thomas Herndon, Meridith Cox. Commerce — W. J. Moore, Margaret Moberly, Daisy French, Edith Ford, Alex McIlvaine, Kermit Patterson, R. R. Richards, Edsel Mountz.

Education — William Sprauge, Fred A. Engle (my father), James Snowden, Willis Parkhurst, Gladys Tyng, D. T. Ferrell. Secondary Education — J. Dorland Coates, Cora Lee, A.L. Wickersham, Ruby Rush, Harold Rigby, Henry Bindel, Jack Creech, Ida Teater, Alma Regenstein.

Elementary Education — Henry G. Martin, Virginia Story, Mabel Jennings, Germaina Wingo, Ann Alvis, Mary Brittain, Ellen Pugh, Mamie Scott . Foreign Languages — Janet Murback. English — P.M. Grise, Mary Barn Hill, William Keene, Pearl Buchanan, Saul Hounchell, Louise McIlvaine, Elizabeth Kessler, Gerald Honaker, Leroy Little, john Lewis, Victor Venetozzi, Quenton Keen. Geography — L. G. Kennamer, Mary Frances Richards.

Health and Physical Education— Charles Hughes, Carol Kidd, John Cooper, Gertrude Hood, Glenn Presnell, Fred Darling. History — Kerney Adams, Harry Banks, Paul Nagel, Virgil Burns, Robert Donaldson, Clyde Lewis, George Robinson. Home Economics — Mary Burrier, Willie Moss, Evelyn Slater. Industrial Arts – Ralph Whalin, Homer Davis, William Swinford, Dale Patrick, Thomas Myers, John Rowlette. Library — Mary Floyd, Mary Hansen, Mrs. Guy Whitehead, Jane Lamb, Mary Dickerson, Mrs. Lester Miller, R. A. Edwards, Nancy Park. Mathematics — Smith Park, Alvin McGlassen, Sydney Steapens.

Music — James E. Van Peursem, Landis Baker, Nicholas Koenigstein, Frances McPherson, Robert Oppelt, Jane Campbell, Vasile Venetozzi, Brown E. Telford. Physics — J. G. Black, Clifton Bayse.

One of the classes at West Point was known as “class the stars fell on” — with so many members getting the rank of General in World War Two.

This group of eastern faculty may be indelicately called “the class the buildings fell on,” with so many buildings built in the 1960s and 1970s named after many members of this long-serving group of professionals.

So there you have it. Eastern as I remember it when thinking of the old days. If you do not agree, you can make your own list. This “thin Maroon line” goes back over 100 years now, and all of these faculty members make up a significant part of Madison’s heritage.


Dr. Fred Engle




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