Celebrating 225 Years at Tates Creek Baptist Church

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Celebrating 225 Years at Tates Creek Baptist Church


On Aug. 29, the Tates Creek Baptist Church will celebrate 225 years of service to the community with a homecoming. The timing is inexact as the church was organized between 1783 and 1786, before Kentucky was even a state. To further add to the historical complexity, two groups used the name Tates Creek Baptist — one church of the Regular Baptist persuasion, the other of the Separate Baptist persuasion. Andrew Tribble helped organize the latter group and was its first pastor. The present church grew from this congregation.

The first building, located near Shallow Ford on Tates Creek Pike, burned in 1850. The church relocated to its present location on Boonesborough Road. The present building was constructed in 1851.

The membership records contain such names as Andrew Tribble, Samuel Estill, William Irvine, George Boone, Nancy Boone, William Chenault, Anderson Chenault and Green Clay, along with many other pioneer Madison County family names.

In September 1786, a convention was conducted in Danville to determine if it was expedient to separate Kentucky from Virginia. Three of the delegates from Madison County were members of Tates Creek and a further two members of the convention were also possibly members.

This church is the mother church of several large and ministering churches in the Richmond area today. It is rich in history and faithful in ministering in this community.

It is by the faith and willingness of individuals to make sacrifices that has ultimately resulted in such recognitions as the commendation award from the Madison County Bicentennial Commission and being listed on the National Register of Historical Places; and it is this same faith that will enable the church to continue to grow in the decades to come.

We join with this long-standing church community in celebrating their upcoming festivities. They are indeed a significant part of Madison’s heritage. I am indebted to Edith Ratliff for much of the material for this article. Diana Ross contributed to its writing.


Dr. Fred Engle




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