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Wellington Court


Wellington Court was one of Richmond’s first subdivisions. It opened around 1929. If you enter from Lancaster Avenue, you are on Wellington Drive. If you take a right from this point, you are on South Wellington Drive, crossing South Third Street and ending at South Second Street. The left turn is onto North Wellington Drive, which ends at South Third Street. South Third is a central part of Wellington Court.

Our house at 222 South Third was the second house built in the subdivision. Mr. Todd, a pharmacist, built the first one. One lot had a grave on it and stayed empty a long time.

The property belonged to the Walker family, which lived in a big house facing Lancaster Avenue. There was an orchard behind the house. Some trees remained in our lot— green gage plum, red plum and paw paw among them. Our soil was black, rich and deep because of the orchard. A back entrance road wove its way to the house from Water Street — an extension of South Third.

For years I thought the Walker mansion had been torn down. Now I think not. There is a large house at 315 Lancaster Avenue which was always known as Collins Apartments. Recently I read that it was built in the 1880-90s by J. Stone Walker, president of a Richmond bank. Upon his death, it became the property of the Thomas Collins family, hence my confusion. I now believe the house at #315 is the property from which Wellington Court was developed.


Dr. Fred Engle




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