Engle, Grise Link History Interests to Produce Column

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Engle, Grise Link History Interests to Produce Column


Two Eastern Kentucky University faculty members teach in different disciplines but have much in common when it comes to Madison County history. Both Fred A. Engle, Jr., and Robert N. Grise grew up in this community and their study of its history has occupied much of their time.

These two men have agreed to share their knowledge with Daily Register readers and have joined to produce a weekly column, "Madison's Heritage." It will appear each Wednesday, starting this week.

Much of the material will be review but will serve as a refresher for Madison natives and interesting information for newcomers. Constant digging will present previously unpublished facts about the past.

Dr. Engle is an associate professor of economics at Eastern and Dr. Grise is an associate professor of education. Both are Model Laboratory School graduates. Dr. Engle is a graduate of Eastern and received his MA and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Grise earned his A. B. and M. A. degrees at Eastern and his doctorate of education at UK.

Both men have had military service and have been outstanding in local civic and church activities. They are members of professional organizations and both have published a number of articles for scholarly journals related to their field. In addition, they previously have written articles for the Daily Register.

Dr. Engle is the son of Mrs. Fred A. Engle, Sr., Richmond, and the late Dr. Engle. He, his wife and their three children reside at 104 Bristol Drive.

Dr. Grise is the son of Dr. and Mrs. P. M. Grise, Richmond. He and his wife and their two sons live on Westwood Drive.






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