Old Mills of Madison

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Old Mills of Madison


The recent burning of the old Weddle Mill in the Doylesville area put me in mind of an article which I had read in an 1937 edition of the Daily Register. The article was written by J.L. Sowers and I quote:

"Progress of the years has relegated to the limbo of forgotten scenes the many grist mills that at one time operated in Madison County. The ruins of many are still scattered over Madison county. Most of the Bogie's, Hagan's and Moran's old mills would have certain days on which farmers would bring grist to be ground.

"Many older persons now living remember when hundreds would bring their wheat and corn to have it ground. In those days the mill boy would take along a sack to get the shorts and one for the middlings. Sometimes there would be hundreds waiting and you had to wait your turn at the mill. Many would take their lunch and spend the day.

"Among the mills was the Potts' old steam mill on Paint Lick creek in the western part of the county. The Bogie's, Hagan's and Moran's old-water mills were on Silver creek. Near the mouth of Silver creek are the ruins of an old mill known as the Stone House. Oggs' mill on Muddy creek, Miller's old steam mill on Tates' creek and an old mill two miles up creek from Valley View were busy in their day. This last one's millstone is in the yard of the old Grizzard home hear the mouth of Tates' creek. The old Barlow mill which did custom grinding was located in the building now occupied by the Soper Lumber Co."

The first mentioned location is at the corner of Collins and Water and some old pulley wheels from the mill or the lumberyard can still be seen in this lot. I can remember being sent by my mother over the hill to the grist mill on North Street near Third Street to get fresh ground corn meal. And I must say it made mighty good cornbread.


Dr. Fred Engle




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