More Information From 1851 Edition of Whig Chronicle

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More Information From 1851 Edition of Whig Chronicle


Where Was the Webster House?

Have you wondered just where the Webster House was located in Richmond? Two proprietors, Dudley Webster and Samuel A. Hatch, carry a good size advertisement and say their hostelry is located on Main street in the same building lately occupied by the Richmond Branch of the Northern Bank.

Peter M. Smith, merchant tailor, S.K. Turner, agent for William Strby's "Grand Action Pianos" and B. W. and P. Seymonds "declaring war against high prices now and forever" on Ready Made Clothing are additional advertisers in the interest of our Richmond newspaper.

Mention should be made that a large achievement signed by J. W. Bournes. Wm. Holloway, E.C Breck, W. McClanahan and H. Dollen says that Mr. Samuel Ware and E. Kurtz have purchased the same rights in Madison, Fayette and Garrard counties for "Kelsey's Alternating Bee Hive."

There are other advertisements and other news items in this publication of a century ago. Of interest are new boundaries given for nine magisterial districts in Madison county mostly stated by names of homeowners from whose places boundaries ran to others. Voting place of the First district was in Richmond; 2nd at Foxtown; 3rd at Union School house; 4th at Ellis' Mills; 5th at Robert Yates'; 6th at Hickon Plains school house; 7th at Kirksville; 8th at Elzy Million's; and 9th at Shelton Brockman's.

With record thus traced back to 1845 of newspapers published in Madison we are anxious to go still further into antiquities of journalism in this fair county. We will deeply appreciate information and loan of any other old copies that may be extant. The name of the subscriber to this old Chronicle, written in faded ink was "S. Williams," who we understand was father of Mrs. Martha Deatherage, mother of Miss Patty Deatherage, who so kindly gave access to this very interesting old chronicle of olden days in Madison, the state and the nation.


Dr. Fred Engle




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