Bethlehem Baptist Recorded in History

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Bethlehem Baptist Recorded in History


S.J. Conkwright published his History of the Churches of Boone's Creek Baptist Association of Kentucky in 1923. Most of the churches are in Clark County, although members also came from Beattyville, Booneville, Irvine, and Nicholasville. A number of the member churches were from Madison County, including Bethlehem Baptist, located in the southeastern part of the county near Bearwallow. Mrs. Ralph Redden is writing a history of this church. Reprinted here is a short version from Conkwright. All the Bethlehem church records prior to May, 1912, were lost when the church building was destroyed by fire. The church did not unite with Boone's Creek Association until 1919. It is understood that this church was constituted in 1854, and that Elders J.J. Edwards and N.B. Johnson were instrumental in gathering the church, and also that Elder Edwards was her first pastor and R. Munday the first clerk. The present house of worship was erected about 15 years ago. This church before uniting with Boone's Creek Association was a member of Land Mark Association, but how long it is not known. In May, 1912, we find that Rev. P.N. Taylor requested a release from the pastorate, which was granted and he was succeeded by Rev. George Childer, who served them until January, 1915, when Rev. A.C. Cornelas accepted the care of the church, serving them until March, 1918. At this time Elder H. Ponder was extended a call, which he accepted, and he was succeeded by Rev. Lewis Vanwinkle. Rev. J.T. Turpin, the Missionary of Boone's Creek Association, assisted by Rev. J.W. Richardson, held a tent meeting on the church lot in August, 1921, when six additions to the church were had. Rev. Lewis Vanwinkle was pastor in August, 1921, after which date there are no further records. At present they are without a pastor. According to the minutes of Boone's Creek Association for 1922, the church reported a membership of 91 and a Sunday School enrollment of 60. The quota of this church for the Seventy-five Million Campaign was $150.00. Thus Conkwright described the early days of Bethlehem Baptist in 1923.


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