Drowning Creek Baptist History Traced to 1817

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Drowning Creek Baptist History Traced to 1817


S. J. Conkwright published his History of the Churches of Boone's Creek Baptist Association of Kentucky in 1923. While most of the churches were in Clark County, some were in Madison. Here is what Conkwright had to say about the Drowning Creek Baptist Church. This church is located on Drowning Creek, in Madison County, Kentucky. The only written records of this church that could be found begin with the date February 16, 1901, and we understand that all the other records were either misplaced or lost. From association records we learn that this church is more than one hundred years old. The first association record we find is in 1817, when she was admitted to North District Association, reporting at that time a member-ship of forty, her messengers being Samuel Kelly, Samuel Davidson, Charles Epperson and Joe Eastin. In the year 1923, at her own request, she was dismissed from North District Association, to unite with another, but the name of the association is not given. The next record is in 1859, when six other churches organized the Irvine Association, and elected Elder Smith V. Potts moderator and James Richardson clerk. How long she affiliated with Irvine Association is not known, but when she was received into Boone's Creek Association she had a letter from Land Mark Association. The church records of February 16, 1901, show that Elder A. G. Coker was pastor, and D. F. Sharp clerk. In December 1901, Elder J. W. Parson was extended a call, which he accepted, and he remained their pastor until August, 1913, and perhaps longer, as there is a period of three years after this date during which there are no records. In May, 1902, D. E. Sharp and W. R. Woolery were ordained deacons. In December 1913, Miss Grace Woolery was elected clerk. It is presumed that D. F. Sharp had resigned, as he had served as clerk for twelve years or more. There are no records of any meetings of the church from August 16, 1913 to June, 1916. At the latter meeting J. B. Wilson was elected clerk and has served in that capacity ever since. At this June meeting, in 1916, we find Elder W. A. Bowman pastor of the church, and he remained as such until July, 1917. In September, 1917, Brother J. W. Richardson, a member of Locust Branch Church, was ordained to the preaching of the Gospel at Drowning Creek Church, he having been called as pastor of the church and served them for one year. In January, 1919, Elder William Rex accepted the care of the church, remaining until September, 1920. From this time the church seems to have been without a regular pastor until May 13, 1992, when a call was extended to Elder J. W. Richardson. This is the last record in the church book up to date (April, 1923). On petition from Drowning Creek Church, she was received into Boone's Creek Association in 1920, reporting a membership of sixty-four and a Sunday School enrollment of forty-five. Last year, 1922, she reported a church membership of sixty-one; she had no pastor and there was no Sunday School report."


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