Disbanded Baptist Churches Remembered

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Disbanded Baptist Churches Remembered


There are two other Baptist churches mentioned in S.J. Conkwright's book, History of the Churches of Boone's Creek Baptist Association of Kentucky (1923), besides those already written up in this column. They are Hind's Creek and Fairview. Hind's Creek Church was located in Madison County, Kentucky, just below Clay's Ferry. Nothing is known of the history of this congregation prior to her entering into Boone's Creek Association, at the first meeting of that body after its constitution in 1823, when her messengers were Isaac Sterns and John Manion. During the troublesome times of 1828-30, when the battle was on between the Baptists and Reformers in the Association, the Association convened in 1829 with Hind's Creek Church, and when the vote was taken as to whether or not the constitution of the Boone's Creek Association should be abolished, Hind's Creek stood true to the cause of the Baptists, and voted to retain the constitution of the Association. Hind's Creek never reported more than thirty-three members, and she appears for the last time in the records of the Boone's Creek Association in 1831. Fairview Church was located at Fairview, Madison County, Kentucky. The church was con-stituted in July 1920, by the ministering help of Rev. J.T. Turpin, Rev. J.W. Richardson and Rev. R.L. Ambrose, and was received into Boone's Creek Association. We understand that in March 1922, the church dissolved, most of the members uniting with Pine Knob Baptist Church, of Tate's Creek Association. The above is direct from the pen of Conkwright. He also wrote up Union City Baptist, a longtime member of the Clark County group of churches. Union City's history appeared in length in this column some time ago.


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