No Controversey in Boone Bicentennial

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No Controversey in Boone Bicentennial


The 1934 Kentucky General Assembly created a Daniel Boone Bicentennial Commission to arrange a suitable and proper celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Daniel Boone. The resolution went on to say that the exploration, settlement and early defense of the Commonwealth of Kentucky can be attributable to an appreciable degree to the work of said Daniel Boone. There is no record that any groups rose up against Boone as has happened to Christopher Columbus in 1992, on the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. Changing times. J.T. Dorris of the Eastern history faculty served as First Vice-chairman of the commission. Other members from Richmond were Keen Johnson, W.R. Shackelford, and Mrs. Grant E. Lilly. The group laid a wreath at the grave of Daniel Boone in Frankfort, took pictures of the site of Boone's Station near Athens and of Bryan's Station in Fayette County, and of the Blue Licks Battleground monument. Boone was associated with all these locations. The Commissions also had struck Daniel Boone Memorial Half-Dollars. The obverse is a medallion of Boone at the age of his great Kentucky career. The reverse depicts Boone and Chief Blackfish, on the three-day treaty ground at Boonesborough, just before the historic nine day siege was launched against the fort by the horde of British-directed Indians. In an earlier column, I asked if any reader had one of these and got no response. Are there any left? They were struck at the Philadelphia mint. Celebrations during the year included a visit to the area by Boy Scouts from Ann Arbor, Michi-gan, the naming of one of the stakes at Churchill Downs for the Bicentennial, Boone Day by the Historical Society at the old Capitol in Frankfort, a celebration at Blue Licks Battleground State Park emphasizing Boone, a Scout camp featuring the exploits of Boone at Covington, a major celebration on Labor Day at Boonesborough with speeches by Alben Barkley, Virgil Chapman, and Ruby Laffoon, and in November the concluding event, a Grand Reception at the Governor's Mansion and a Grand Ball at the State Capitol. This last was held on November 2, Boone's birthday. The Commission also formed a Pioneer National Monument Association to provide, with federal park aid, monuments at Fort Boonesborough, Boone's Station, Bryan's Station, and Blue Licks Battlefield.


Dr. Fred Engle




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